It's a given that Rihanna will market her pregnancy news with another Fenty Beauty release. The Fenty Icon Refillable Lipstick, which was introduced today, is a welcome addition to the brand's product lineup. Three red and seven neutrals are included, making it easy for everyone to discover a hue that they will enjoy. The lipstick also has a wonderful fragrance, which smells just like Rihanna's distinctive vanilla-peach scent.

“Lipstick is the game-changer for me," Rihanna explains, debuting a campaign that includes West Dakota, Precious Lee, Uglyworldwide, and others. "It can totally transform my entire appearance in an instant. The best-of-the-best neutrals and reds in the Fenty Icon collection are beautiful on everyone and feel so creamy and light."

The Fenty Icon's semi-matte texture is meant to provide an opulent appeal and feeling for all-day wear, with ingredients like hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate the lips, as well as vitamins C & E to nourish them. And the colors are just as lovely.

"I wanted them to be universally flattering on all skin tones, so they glow on everyone," Rihanna says of the collection. "Every color has a different undertone—golden, brownish or more cool—to compliment your natural tone."

And as for how it feels, the lipstick is just as light and creamy as promised. The Fenty Icon feels great on the lips and doesn't feel too dry or clumpy while wearing it.

The nicest thing about it is that the lipstick is refillable, with lovely packaging: the product's case may be taken apart to refill it, and the two can also be bought individually. A final personal touch is the bullet tip, which was inspired by Rihanna's iconic Cupid's Bow to make you feel like a member of the navy. All-in-all, this campaign is absolutely stellar. Not only is it gorgeous and empowering, but it also shows the diversity and inclusivity of the Fenty Beauty name. The models featured for this line embody a variety of diverse backgrounds and styles, and Rihanna herself looks absolutely stunning in all her photos.