Neon lights are making a comeback for the first time since they faded from popularity in the '90s. So if you're looking for a way to further embrace your inner 90's teen, build on your retro style chic or simply want a room that not only looks great at night but gets you in the mood for a jam sesh - neon lights are for you.

Neon lights can be classic or you could go for an edgy look with gold-framed lamps, the only limit is your imagination! There are even some tutorials on how to create your own bespoke neon sign, innovative and great for any party where you could write the name of your band or something else cool in lights.

There are lots of things you can do with neon lights - they're not just for bedrooms. You can have a bright yellow lamp in the corner of your living room; they will really make a difference to the ambiance of your home. It will help you have an organized work space and they will really help set that mood when you're looking to get some work done in the evenings.

  • Bedroom artwork
  • Dining room table lamps
  • Coffee table lamp

They are quirky and gorgeous, there are so many different styles to be inspired by and there will definitely be a look that matches your bedroom or living room. And most importantly if you're in need of some good vibes, these lights will be sure to deliver.

  • Desk lamps for a more calming environment

You can even make them into wall art!

  • Punk living room
  • Bedroom bright yellow lamp
  • Lamp for your loft bed

Not only will you love the style you can achieve but they are bound to keep the electricity bills down too! So do you have a neon light? Are you going to add one to your home soon?

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