Aspiring carpenters do not need to know every detail about woodworking or wood types in order to build great furniture. What they should be familiar with is the layout of a typical sawmill, where lumber gets cut down into boards and other wood products.

Anybody who has ever visited a sawmill knows that there are hundreds of pieces of wood that are too small for any type of furniture. These scraps are usually shredded into smaller bits and then sold to people who use it as kindling or firewood.

Another method used to cut up unusable lumber is the art of turning timber scraps into wooden utensils.  Yes, you read that correctly; while most carpenters would rather turn a piece of lumber into a table, some take discarded wood and use it to make wooden spoons.

This just goes to show that you can still turn unusable car parts into useful furniture pieces.   Here are four examples of how auto-parts can be repurposed into usable furnishings:

Coffee tables

If there is one piece of furniture that should be present in every room, it would probably be a coffee table – unless your home lacks living areas. These tables fulfill a very important function in the home; they provide a surface that can be used for place mats, magazines and other items.

Car coffee tables are surprisingly easy to make. In order to create one, you will need: - An old tire (make sure it is still useable) - A saw blade - A drill with an 11/64 drill bit

Using the saw, cut out a rectangle in the inner side of the tire. The size will depend on how large you want it to be and which type of material you're using for your table. For example, if you're trying to use wood or plastic furniture, then you'll want to make it bigger.

After you've cut the rectangle, go ahead and drill a few holes in the center of all sides except one. This is where you will place your legs. Make sure that they are long enough to support the weight of whatever kind of table top you're using.  Then just attach them to the upper portion of the table and screw in the legs.

5-Minute Desk Speakers

For people who are always on the move, it can get very tedious carrying large audio setups everywhere they go. This is why small audio speakers are so popular with frequent travelers and outdoorsmen. Car audio equipment offers a great way to build these portable music players because car parts are usually lightweight and durable.

To build a car-part speaker, you will need: - A small car stereo - An old speaker - Two pieces of wood (2"x4", 5/8" thick)

Place the stereo on one piece of wood and use the saw to cut out a hole for it to fit in. Place the other piece of thin wood underneath it. Then, take a car speaker and detach the wires from their terminals. Get rid of any plastic pieces that would prevent you from screwing them in properly.

Stick the speakers inside the small wooden box and secure them with screws if possible. After that, attach everything to your stereo using the original wires. Leave the other end of the wire hanging outside and plug in your new speakers to any audio device.