With a childhood spent in both the US and Japan, Nakanishi has shown an interest in creating art from a young age. After moving back to Japan at the age of 18, he worked as an assistant to New York-based Japanese artist Meguru Yamaguchi while developing his own personal projects.

After his departure from Japan in 2019, Nakanishi began a new series called "FLOWER OF LIFE," which displays sublimation marks that seem to be visually influenced by Yamaguchi but are done figuratively, forming his own style.

This exhibition comprises two main bodies of work: "FLOWER OF LIFE" and his latest series, "TREE OF LIFE".

The Flower of Life is a symbol closely associated with sacred geometry, which can be traced back to ancient Egyptian culture. Each individual cell contains the seeds for all life forms and connect together to form an elegant eternal pattern.

"I started creating 'FLOWER OF LIFE' right after I returned to Japan, and wanted to go back to Yamaguchi's lesson on the concept of geometry which was what initially made me interested in art," Nakanishi commented. "If you link all these cells together through multiplication, then it forms the Flower of Life pattern. This series is, in fact, the beginning of my image world."

The series “TREE OF LIFE” features six different pieces with six different tree forms emerging from the base. The tree trunks all share similar designs, which become more pronounced as they grow.

The Tokyo-based artist simultaneously presents the exhibition alongside six others at DIESEL ART GALLERY (Tokyo), David BINDER INC. (NY) and Galerie Perrotin Hong Kong, with all eight exhibiting artists sharing a common thread of Japanese-American duality and coming together to explore aspects of it.The exhibition will run from April 26 to May 11 at DIESEL ART GALLERY in Tokyo's Omotesando district.