After its Black Friday launch, RAW EMOTIONS has returned with a double drop for the celebrations of February 14 (Valentine's Day), Valentine's Day, and the Lunar New Year. The newest service is centered on a label design based on the popular maneki-neko Japanese figurine, which is said to bring good fortune to its owner.

The Lucky Cat's release is led by a rug with an updated design of the traditional calico Japanese Bobtail holding a heart, reminiscent of the Valentine's Day event. A matching T-shirt, keychain, and keychain are included with the rug. The Lunar New Year release features RAW EMOTIONS' distinctive black and white striped pattern with two of three "eyes" on top left, which represent good fortune. The final portion consists of a matching rug, T-shirt, and keychain.

The maneki-neko theme is the second of three major RAW EMOTIONS’ motifs, with the first being its namesake raw denim patch tag and the third being a cheetah. Each release in this series draws inspiration from a different set of design elements while still holding true to each other’s aesthetics.

With its origins in the traditional Japanese belief that any figurine with raised right paw is capable of attracting wealth, the maneki-neko has typically shown a cat (commonly calico or tortoiseshell) with its right paw raised and bent at the wrist. The figure sits on a base which includes a coin, representing receptiveness to wealth and prosperity. The cat is a symbol of happiness, good luck, and friendship in Japan. RAW EMOTIONS’ Lucky Cat presents a calico Bobtail holding a heart in place of the traditional coin found on other renditions of the design.The symbol of a "beckoning cat" can be seen in many cultures, even pre-dating Japanese history. In Japan, the figurine is said to bring good luck and fortune to those who own it. This year, RAW EMOTIONS is extending the good luck to those in the fashion industry and hopes that good things will come with its release.