RAW EMOTIONS came back with the newest additions to its ever-expanding rug collection. The Hong Kong-based label has debuted a new version of the Maneki-neko “beckoning cat” earlier this year. The Japanese figurine depicting a calico Japanese Bobtail with its raised paw is said to be an auspicious charm to bring good fortune and is often spotted on shop fronts. The label’s microfiber rugs come in small and medium sizes and have a medium height in a looped pile that has been treated to highlight the Maneki-vibrant neko’s and strong colors.

A version colored in purple of RAW EMOTIONS’ traditional Tibetan Tiger Mascot Rug has also been made available back then. The splayed tiger carpets, which are linked to tantric meditation in Tibetan and Nepal art, are also available in small, medium, and large sizes.

Since last month, RAW EMOTIONS has expanded their rug collection with additional color choices for its auspicious Lucky Cat patterns.

The current releases are vivid and colorful in blue and purple interpretations of the iconic Japanese pattern, based on the traditional appearance of the Maneki-neko “beckoning cat.” The calico Japanese Bobtail cat figurines are usually found in store fronts around Asian countries.