Ralph Lauren boasts its NYFW Spring collection last 2019, and it just keeps on mesmerizing the crowd up until now. Here are a few glamorous things you need to know about it:

Golden and Black

Ralph Lauren shows off its elegant gowns in several sequined options in a slinky slip dress, glamorous cape, and a maxi dress with chest pockets. In addition to its collection are the black shade sequin pants, blazers and polo gowns, making everything look elegantly classy. Featuring the iconic maxi Polo gown rendered in midnight black sequins.


Most of Ralph Lauren's masterpieces are crafted with outstanding tailoring style, featuring structured blazers and military-style shirts. 

Glamorous Model

Ralph Lauren is also known for its iconic models and most in-demand ones. Highlighting several recognizable faces is Bella Hadid and her glimmering gold sequin.