It is an element that expresses the general idea about your interior design. Carpet / rug are collectibles and when you buy a carpet from a specially store, it will become perfect for the room where they will decorate.

Nowadays there are many special stores which sell rugs in almost every city of Turkey so if you are wondering to find the perfect rug for your home you should not have a problem to find it.

However, when you are in the store and you want to make sure what kind of carpet / rug is the best choice for your room, there are some details that you need be aware of. The most important thing first: Carpet / rug from the same collection, with the same design technique and color, will never be identical. You can see that every piece of carpets has some differences in width and length, patterns, colors etc.

Fibers' quality is essential detail to make sure a good carpet. It is better if you use natural fibers for your rug: wool or silk. Natural fibers make your rug last longer and you can enjoy its beauty for a long time.

The pile is one of the most important parts of carpet. It has different thicknesses according to seasons. Summer pile is thinner than winter pile. The height of the pile gives us an impression about how soft it is so if you want your room to be elegant and shiny, you need a thick pile.

When you are in the store and want to purchase your carpet, pay attention on these details. It will help you to find the perfect rug for your home!

There are different kinds of rugs: Kilim, Soumak, Tribal, Machine Woven. All of them have unique features and they have their different places in your room.

Kilim: This type of carpet is always handmade. Each piece has a different design because it is made one by one so variations are endless and unique. These differences make this kind of rug more valuable and important that others. Kilims usually have small patterns (sometimes they don't have patterns). Sizes of Kilim rugs are different; they can be small or big, large and open spaces are very common in them. To have a beautiful room with kilims it is important to buy at least three pieces of carpets from the same collection but because of their uniqueness you cannot have exactly identical ones so they will always create something new when put together. Kilim is a traditional Turkish carpet but now they are produced in many countries of the world. 

Soumak: These rugs are produced by flat weaving technique and they have their own design, sizes and shapes. They are usually made up out of very high quality wool because they need to be durable for indoor or outdoor and that is why they are usually used as rugs with outdoor furniture. Soumak is a kind of kilim and it has small patterns, colors and designs like kilim but the quality is better than Kilim because flat weaving technique makes them more durable.

Tribal: This kind of rug always have their own design and size; they are made up of wool or cotton so they have a very high quality. They usually have big and open spaces but because it is a flat woven rug the designs are smaller that Kilims and Soumaks. Colors are natural and simple; this kind of rug makes your room look more elegant and luxurious.

Machine Woven: Machine Woven rugs are produced by machine. They are very popular these days because of their low price and high quality. These rugs do not have any features that cannot be found in other kinds of rugs but this kind of rug is still preferred because it makes your room look more elegant, unique and luxurious.

Machine woven rugs usually have different varieties: Persian, Turkish, Indian and Chinese rugs. Persian rugs are high quality ones and they have a beautiful design.

Decoration is one of the major purposes of buying rugs but there are some other reasons. First, rugs can turn your home into paradise. It pulls all colors together and makes a combination out of them. When you buy the rug, think about what color or design will fit your room. Second, rugs help to clean the  carpets from dust and dirt. Third, buying a rug for your home is always beneficial because it makes the place look more elegant and luxurious. It can give you feelings of being at home with its warm colors and combinations!

When you want to buy rugs for your home, think about these things: material (wool or cotton), size and shape of the rug. If your home is white then it is better to choose light colors like yellow, orange and red because they will make your place seem larger than it really is; however, if you have small rooms then dark colors like brown, blue or green are the best choices for you because they hide little defects in carpet!