An ideal item to stand for irreverence and also anti-design transformation. At first, in 1971, Ceretti, Derossi, and Rosso developed a work of art that led the way to a one-of-a-kind make technique. It ended up being a factor of reference in design history. Showcasing lengthy green stalks amongst which one can surely sink as well as exist, it's an unusual seat, a chaise lounge outdoors custom worths, a section of yard intentionally from percentage.

Anti-Design was a layout stream and design art movement coming from Italy somewhere around 1966 - 1980. The movement stressed striking colors, range distortion (i.e. gigantic chairs that make your appearance small), and paradox and kitsch.

Vitra Design Museum also added this work of art amongst the other 100 masterpieces of the history of design; it's considered as an idea "outside the box "which keeps its artisanal spirit: actually, each of the 42 long and also soft blades of grass you can sink into is created manually, also the tag Pratone, inscribed on the base of each component.‎ Its intense green and its blades' soft qualities were accomplished with Guflac's paint, the unique and one-of-a-kind repainting patented by Gufram that makes it feasible to make polyurethane resemble natural leather preserving its adaptability and soft qualities.‎

In 2016, a Restricted Version of 200 items was generated to commemorate the brand's 50th birthday celebration, and this item is among the 200.

The Iconical Collection provides those items that analyze and maintain active and pulsating the desecrating spirit of extreme creation.‎ It is masterpieces of Italian make that have currently obtained into the cumulative creativity, along with new residential sculptures that - language and identity-wise - reveal elective fondness with those shown in the essential galleries worldwide.‎ These interior decoration items - recognized solely manually - stand for the enchanting experience between art and make that belongs to Gufram's DNA.‎