As it turns out, grown folks have taken a liking to collecting Pokemon cards. However, like everything else once you become older, it becomes about how much you can profit on it. Pokemon cards have risen in value and collectors are finally able to cash in on their childhood collectables. Not only are these cards extremely lucrative, but they can range from $300 to $500,000. As you can see Pokemon went from catch em all, to sell em all.

What caused this recent uproar in a franchise that is mostly popular to children and more than two decades old? Well since the world has been shut down due to the pandemic, and many workers have been laid off of their job, this has led to an increase in free time in a lot of peoples lives. Also, with the handouts of stimulus checks, people have more money to spend frivolously. This is assumed to what led to the come back of pokemon. I guess you can say it is a mixture of boredom and money.

pokémon first edition base set booster box sold $408,000 heritage auctions world record