The “A Ripple in Time” art exhibition, which features works by Pokémon and Daniel Arsham, is currently on display at several galleries throughout Japan.

In conjunction with the physical displays, the pair has released a unique short film following an initial teaser launched in July. The movie opens with a bustling metropolis, where people and Pokémon live together side by side. Arsham and his Pokémon Cubone are seen battling Ash and Pikachu before Pikachu's thunderbolts strike Celebi, transporting Ash and Pikachu to a desolate future dimension where the city is overgrown with vegetation.

Arsham's crystal erosion Pokémon sculptures can be found throughout the city, each depicting a different species. Charizard, Mew-Two, and Blastoise sculptures appear overhead as Celebi takes them into a mysterious cavern. They then enter an abandoned laboratory, where Arsham's Pokémon Cubone and Meowth sculptures appear.

Cubone is shown dueling Ash and Pikachu with its bone-wielding powers while some of Arsham's human figures stand in the background. Pikachu's thunderbolt eventually strikes Celebi, transporting our heroes to another dimension. The city is then shown as a desolate wasteland, with Arsham's crystal erosion Pokémon sculptures towering over the grown vegetation.

The short film closes by panning to the four Poké Ball sculptures, which contain original drawings by Pokémon and Arsham. We meet a human figure wearing a Cubone bone mask and holding a Pokéball before he is transported back to an alternate dimension where his own world lies in ruin. The video comes full circle as we return to the city and see the human figure running alongside the Cubone sculpture.

Take a look at the video above to learn how the tale ends. The saga will be continued, suggesting the likelihood of additional episodes.The Daniel Arsham x Pokémon "A Ripple in Time" exhibitions are now showing, featuring eroded stone Pokémon sculptures, live interactions, paintings, drawings, and other media.