Pointman (yellow) is the first Futura 2000 publication. It was published in 1980 by Artmoss-Lopez Publications in Toronto, Canada.

Futura had been working for some time designing lampoons and covers for his friends in the music business, but this was the first product of that activity to be widely distributed. He was working in New York City at the time, and had just returned from a gig with Grandmaster Flash. He got back into town and found that he was out of money. A friend came by with a copy of The Village Voice , which featured an article describing the work of Philippe Garner, a French designer who made covers for RCA Records in the early 70's. A lot of the covers, Futura felt, looked quite good. The idea for Pointman struck him while riding a subway train in New York City one day. For two weeks he would ride the subway to and from work everyday, drawing sketches on his knees until he had completed at least twenty different drawings of what would eventually become Pointman.

It was the first time that Futura had worked extensively on a specific idea for any length of time, and he felt it helped lead to the development of his unique style. The enthusiasm in which Futura is regarded today did not happen overnight; it took many years for people to appreciate what Futura was doing. A lot of the reaction back then was skepticism, which Futura claims he used as a stepping stone to success.

He published Pointman with Artmoss-Lopez after meeting them at his brother's art gallery in Toronto. At that time, his plan was to use up all of his ideas for Pointmen, and then just move on; but the idea proved to be so successful that it has persisted, and continues to be a marketable commodity today.

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