If you were wondering why Playboi Carti feels the need to release a toy collection, then at least he's releasing one. The self-proclaimed king of New York has shared photos of his very own Playboi Carti figurines on Instagram before deleting them, but not before they're preserved for all time by Twitter users.

The collection includes six different figures of Carti himself, styled in various ways. There's an accessories-heavy version, another one with devil horns and two back-to-back models that just look like a photo double for the real thing. The final figure looks to be wearing what seems to be a very expensive Balenciaga coat, which is just all kinds of awesome. Carti is no stranger to merchandising his image, having previously sold a bunch of clothing that looked indistinguishable from regular streetwear brands. However, this time it's fully official, with the Playboi Carti logo emblazoned on each figurine. But there's more to it than just collectables for fans - according to Google Translate, this first photo caption translates as: "Carti and the new doll collection is out and about! The first figure is here."

So it looks like Carti might be putting out a full range of figures rather than just an edition around the same size as his own tiny self. It's not clear whether he'll be releasing them in stores or taking a page out of Takeoff's book and selling them through his own personal site.

All we want to know is whether the Carti figurines come with any songs pre-installed, like some kind of sentient iPod Shuffle that can't skip tracks. The mind boggles.What's not so awesome is the fact Carti has now removed them from Instagram. But they're still out there, so check them out below before it's too late.