This past September, Kiev-based artist Vladislav Melnyk released his latest series of oil paintings, which he began in 2018. Titled "Color Waves" the collection draws inspiration from fashion houses that are known for their use of color - specifically Bottega Veneta and Cartier.

For the artist, these choices were no surprise. “I think that fashion designers and artists have a lot in common,” Melnyk told Hypebeast via email.

Designers work with colors and textures and try to connect them together the best way possible. They do it for materials and clothes and we – for shapes and emotions. The fashion industry is much more commercial than the art industry and therefore, it adapts to what people want. Artists create what they believe in and, as a rule, their work is hardly understood at first sight.”

Melnyk drew inspiration from designers and tastemakers that are often inspired by artwork, and translate this into their collections and life and vice versa.

“I learned about fashion by looking at art and artists who were inspired by fashion, like Jeremy Scott or Olesya Shevlyakova. It was a great example for me to follow and understand that it is possible to combine two different fields and create something new and interesting,” Melnyk shared.

The abstract artist has, in the past, worked with other creatives for collaborations. For instance, his “Matter” collection was inspired by fashion designer Gosha Rubchinskiy while also serving as the visual basis for a collaborative sneaker between Melnyk and adidas Football.

This time around, however, it’s just about the work - a series of paintings that have been inspired by logos, color and patterns from classic luxury houses.“Bottega Veneta is one of my favourite fashion brands. I love the use of colors, materials and textures especially in its accessories line. BV0908 green color was used for this painting as it is an iconic color for the brand. For Cartier, I chose a green and pink palette as it is strongly associated with Princess Diana who loved these colors,” Melnyk explained.