Pace Gallery has introduced Pace Verso, its first NFT platform, in advance of its upcoming display at Art Basel in Miami.

Pace Verso was created as a method for the gallery to maintain its tradition of supporting artists and initiatives that push the boundaries of art and technology. Marc Glimcher, CEO and President of Pace, wrote in a statement: “After our artists indicated interest in making NFTs and we backed their first few NFT projects with other platforms, we got interested in creating a specialized NFT platform for Pace. Pace Verso is now a major strand of our NFT programming, and our strategy is to build the tools our artists require. We will continue to support solo NFT projects with other partners, in addition to allowing artists the ability to show and sell NFTs on our own platform that is Pace Verso.” Last November 22, digital art pioneer Lucas Samaras unveiled a second suite of NFTs from his XYZ series, which got things started. Pace Verso will next release a number of enticing works by Glenn Kaino, as well as the famed Dutch art collection “DRIFT,” which has partnered with fellow Dutch DJ Don Diablo, who also became a digital art pioneer to coincide with Art Basel. Pace Verso was created in collaboration with the Palm NFT studio on the Palm Network, a new NFT-optimized blockchain network for culture and innovation that was created by and for the open Ethereum community.