A phishing scam has fallen Ozzy Osbourne's new NFT project CryptoBatz, leading to the theft of tens of thousands of dollars from investors.

The vulnerability was made possible by the project's decision to move the Discord channel from discord.gg/cryptobatznft to just discord.gg/cryptobatz. Despite the change, the project's goal of deleting old tweets promoting the previous URL was not achieved. The scam perpetrators swiftly registered these messages. Users of the false Discord server were lured into a phishing scam in which bots sent links regarding cryptocurrency asset verification, with the promise of being able to bid on an auction.

Some of these crimes have been successful, with the project admitting that it has been subject to a number of thefts from users.

“Unfortunately our discord server was compromised today and many users have been affected by this. There were over 1k members in the guild at one point so scammers would have a very large pool of victims,” a statement reads. “Our server was compromised and we have all the proof. To be safe I’d recommend not to join any NFT groups without a verification process of email or phone number. Most servers will implement this, some don’t.”

None of these issues are limited to Ozzy Osbourne's project either, with CryptoKitties and CryptoBots both suffering from their own incidents of phishing.

“During the attack, they changed our guild name to discord.gg/gokcnz and the link in our tweet was taken down after it had been posted several times. This gives an indication that the attack will not be over any time soon,” they added. “We are working on a solution to this problem, but in the meantime please be careful joining any NFT guilds.”

Ozzy Osbourne is yet to comment on the matter.Despite these ongoing attacks, CryptoBatz has conducted a sale on its website and has so far raised $400,000 USD.