On the grounds of the former Williamsburg, Sugar Refinery is Domino Park. The 6-acre public area projected by the City of New York in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a place where New Yorkers get to enjoy outdoor activities on the riverside complemented by the industrial surrounding and heritage of that old school New York sugar.

Even though Domino Park was just opened for public use in 2018. it does not lack history in any way. Artifact Walk which is the cultural walkway of the park features old refinery equipment as well as numerous syrup tanks of massive size. The elevated walkway was designed to rightfully represent the original interior of the refinery and offers a spectacular view of the neighborhood of Williamsburg.

In addition to the history, the park features plenty of outdoor facilities as well as Sweetwater Playground projected by Mark Reigelman. The park is the perfect place work tossing around a football, playing volleyball, jogging, having a picnic or anything else fun. Morover there's a bocce court which is always a vibe.

We went out for you in the cold to show you around, so we hope you can appreciate the love.