The unique program branded “Nintendo Switch Customize,” provides a variety of color options for the left and right Joy-Cons, as well as their respective straps. Lime green, canary yellow, royal purple, and neon pink are among the most striking colors. Despite the fact that Nintendo has sold Switches modeled after popular games such as Super Mario Bros. and Animal Crossing, the firm has never allowed users to entirely personalize their own devices until now.

The Nintendo Switch has obliterated the distinction between handheld and console gaming. This incredible new approach has completely transformed the gameplay experience.

The most popular color, of course, is the standard gray option on the majority of Nintendo Switch devices. You may acquire this pair on its own if you want to stick to the standard.

Nintendo just reportedly revealed that the Nintendo Switch would receive a pair of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Edition Joy-Cons. Beginning July 21, 2021, they’ll soar into shop shelves.

When the Nintendo Switch was initially released, it came with either basic gray controllers or red and blue controllers. The Joy-Con controller on the left is red, while the one on the right is blue.

To coincide with the debut of ARMS, Nintendo issued a pair of Bumblebee neon yellow Joy-Con controllers. These vibrant controller options are difficult to overlook. Even in the dark, you might be able to spot them. Because they’re difficult to come by, the best chance is to buy them on eBay.

In January 2018, Nintendo Switch also introduced the Splash It Up Neon Pink and Neon Green Joy-Con controllers in the United States. They are a wonderful complement for Splatoon’s motif.Lastly, in March 2020, Nintendo launched the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Joy-Cons, which were included in the new game. Purchasing the game package is the only way to receive this lovely pair of pastel-themed Joy-Cons. Alternatively, replaceable and assembled shells to new Joy-Cons in the same colorways are available on eBay.