Human Made is a Japanese fashion brand created in 2010 by NIGO, a music producer and fashion designer himself. NIGO created the company in order to produce something that he could not do with A Bathing Ape or BAPE, his innovative and always trendsetting streetwear brand. Human Made has collaborated with graphic artist Sk8thing to create quirky apparel and items that were both high-quality and authentically reflected pre-1960s vibes.

Last month, NIGO has been seen keeping himself occupied with the launch of his new lifestyle-themed business in Omotesando, Japan, just a few weeks after showing his new constructed public toilets project in Harajuku, Tokyo.

The “HUMAN MADE GENERIC STORE” is based on the concept of a traditional pharmacy store, with an emphasis on offering daily essentials with a unique spin on everyday items. The store is committed to being environmentally friendly, with the majority of goods promised to be made from renewable resources. Hand towels, masks, natural toothpaste, shampoos, sterilizing mists, socks, and towels are some of the most frequent commodities being sold. Also branded with HUMAN MADE include carpets, door stoppers, mats, and papier mache are also available at the store.

NIGO’s “HUMAN MADE GENERIC STORE” opened its doors last June 6 on the third level of Tokyo’s Omotesando Hills Dojunkan. Those who planned to visit the store on its opening day were also advised to check the stories official website for virtual lottery admittance in advance.