A new collaboration between the city of Tokyo and the Nippon Foundation has enlisted the help of renowned Japanese designer NIGO to help promote better public latrines. “THE TOKYO TOILET” initiative has asked over 16 artists from across the world to reimagine 17 toilet sites throughout Shibuya.

The eighth small restroom of the Tokyo toilet project was completed in the busy area of Harajuku by street clothing designer NIGO. The little restroom is seen to occupy the corner of Jingumae 1-chrome, discreetly nestled in-between its towering neighbors. The structure, with its shingled gable roof, evokes a classic American home in juxtaposition to the metropolitan setting. His design is a simple structure that appears to be comfortable from the outside. The facility, which is surrounded by a white fence, has a polished look in terms of both design and cleanliness. The public toilet created by NIGO is centered on the notion of comfort, allowing people to enter and exit with ease. This is in stark contrast to the adjacent high-rise structures. The toilet has a brown roof, mint green window frames, and entry doors that seem like they below in a house. The conventional housing type expression is accentuated by its white picket fences and a front door that looks to be always open, making it look more inviting and casual to residents. The interior is modest and welcoming upon arrival, with a high ceiling that reflects the triangular gabled roof on top of the structure.

Miles Pennington, Mark Newson, Kashiwa Sato, Kazu Sato, Junko Kobayashi, Tomohito Go, and Sosuke are among the designers also involved in “THE TOKYO TOILET” project. There are now currently eight restrooms available to the general public and the final nine are expected to be finished by March 2022.