Regular people take a look at the music industry as a cool medium that they watch from outside, but you don’t want to get involved. However, as Blockchain technology has been developing further and seeing more widespread use, it has opened up many new opportunities for those who aren’t an established musician or producer.

This is also the case for NFTs, which have been used as a medium for art and various other assets created by artists.

However, some people think that NFTs are not just a good way to distribute art, but rather the new form of it. As tokens can represent anything from an asset, item or even digital collectibles, many have argued that this is the future of all media and ownership.

While Blockchain has shown its potential in terms of creating space for artists to express themselves through art, are NFTs really following the same path?

Recently, South Park has released its 22nd season which is called “Post Covid: The Return of Covid”. It creates an odd scenario in which paramedics are seen carrying people who appear to have been wounded in what appears to be a massacre, with numerous bodies strewn about a collapsed structure. “It was like nothing I had ever seen before,” said the fireman.

On the scene with them is the main character Eric Cartman who owns most of Bitcoin (BTC), which can be seen in his wallet balance that includes tokens for both Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision (BCHSV) and Bitcoin Core (BTC).However, the most interesting fact about this episode is that among all of Cartman’s digital holdings, there is a NFT token representing a cutout from a piece of art. The asset received them in return for donating to a project called South Park Digital Studios which is created by the company behind the cartoon, South Park Studios.