Famous for his Apple leaker YouTube vlogs, his predictions on leaked information are somewhat accurate. He was able to nail down details of several iPhone weeks before its launch. Here's another one of his Apple leaks, hinting that the next production of iPhones will get a 1TB expanded storage.

"Prosser remarked that Apple would reserve the larger storage option for the iPhone 13 'Pro' given the elevated cost and lower storage in its more popular phones would push people to rely on paid services like iCloud."

According to the leaker, prevailing Apple gadgets are at 512GB; the new model is still in the prototype stage. Some prototypes of the Pro models have 1TB built-in memory. Aside from built-in storage, Prosser cites a source who affirmed that the iPhone 12S/13 will have a "smaller notch" – most likely not on the height and weight of the product (fair warning: we heard the "small notch" rumors last year too, but those didn't pan out).