Here's a quick walking tour around the New World Trade Center "Oculus"; as Homeless Penthouse brings us to downtown Manhattan, In the hub of the bustling Financial District, an iconic symbol of New York's devotion to progress and great future. Featuring the magnificent piece of the modern architectural design of the New World Trade Center "Oculus." Boasting its huge atrium set with massive floor space with shops and restaurants. 

This 335-foot-long skylight was designed by a famous Spanish/Swiss architect Santiago Calatrava known for his works that resemble living organisms. A placard at the Oculus explains:

"On 9/11 each year, weather permitting, the skylight of the Oculus will be opened to allow the sun to fill this entire space. Envisioned by Santiago Calatrava to symbolize a dove released from a child’s hand, the Oculus is situated at an angle in contrast to neighboring buildings and even the entire grid of the city, thereby allowing the light to shine directly overhead and for the sun to move across its axis exactly on September 11th each year."

Santiago Calatrava