Apple is sure to bring iOS 14.5 just around the corner, and it includes a slew of new features including new emojis, Siri commands, and mask-friendly face recognition.

There will be a total of 217 new emojis available for iPhone users. Faces with swirling eyes, faces exhaling, a burning heart, and faces in clouds are among the prominent emojis, in addition to new skin-tone options. Apple has also made a bloodless syringe emoji available.

Mask-friendly face recognition is another significant update from the latest news on iOS. This will imply that iPhone owners will now be able to unlock their devices without having to remove their face masks as long as their Apple Watch is unlocked – their iPhone will open once the watch provides haptic input. Users may just glance at their iPhone while wearing an unlocked Apple Watch. The new function is compatible with iPhone X and later models, as well as Apple Watch Series 3 and later models.

New Siri voice commands with mask friendly unlocking capabilities; App Tracking Transparency, a new privacy precaution that allows users to select whether or not apps may monitor them; and new Apple Music formatting, such as playlists of “Chart Toppers” from various locations across the world.

Siri will also no longer have just a default voice. iOS 14.5 enables users to pick the voice that speaks back to them when they initially set up their device, and users who chose English may now have a chance to choose from a wider range of voices. These new Siri voices make advantage of Neural Text to Speech Technology to product a sound that is very realistic. These changes build on Apple’s long-standing dedication to inclusion and diversity, with products and services that represent their customers and the world more accurately.