Arsham is making his NFTs available on Nifty Gateway, making it the first time minted CXIP items have appeared there. Arsham's NFTs are part of his series of digital sculptures called Eroding and Reforming Digital Car, which depicts a man in an excavator scooping up pieces of modern artifacts.The erosion cycle of each NFT is based on a certain race time at which the digital component will reconstruct the allotted time.  For example, the first race time for this particular NFT has a one-minute erosion cycle, which means that if you were to purchase it and put it back on the market at the same price (which will be its price when it is minted), your customer could hold onto their NFT for one minute before it reconstructs itself.

Each NFT takes several hours to produce, and Arsham's studio crafts them in batches based on the NIFTY exchange price. Arsham himself has no personal interest in collecting blockchain-based art; he simply believes that digital art is still young enough to be looked at as an experimental medium.The debate between artists who believe that blockchain-based art is a true medium and those who believe that it's simply a novel gimmick remains. But Arsham does seem to acknowledge this, stating in a statement released by Nifty Gateway:

"As someone who likes to experiment with the newest technologies, I'm not interested in making any traditional paintings or sculptures. Blockchain represents a new way of thinking about art, ownership and scarcity. I am excited to bring my work into this new medium."