In the most recent preview of Euphoria, a new song by Lana Del Rey was allegedly teased. It's unclear whether or not her contribution is a brand-new song or an updated version of "Yayo" but it does sound like the artist singing over a somber piano background.

The songstress is reportedly providing the music for HBO's Euphoria, which premieres on April 18th. The news was first reported in mid-March by Michael Harriot of The Root, although neither HBO, the showrunners nor Del Rey confirmed it.

According to a new report, Del Rey will provide vocals for the second season of Game of Thrones. This month, rumors began circulating that she would contribute vocals to the program's second season. However, HBO, showrunners David Benioff and D.B Weiss, and Del Rey have yet to confirm the news. Nevertheless, the teaser for the following episode seems to hear Del Rey's full yet angelic voice over a sad piano background. Fans will have to wait until the season two soundtrack is released in order to learn more.

Euphoria season two launched this January and shattered HBO Max's previous viewership record, with 2.4 million people tuning in according to Nielsen figures. The show also received critical acclaim from both TV critics and showrunners alike for its raw depiction of modern day teenage life.

The popular songstress, however, does not appear in the next episode's teaser. There is no denying that Del Rey has a beautiful and distinctive voice. Fans will have to wait until the second season's soundtrack is released to learn more about it.

Last January, the second season of Euphoria debuted on HBO Max, breaking HBO Max's previous viewership record with 2.4 million viewers over three days across cable and digital platforms.Euphoria season two premiered this January and broke HBO Max's all-time viewership record, garnering a total of 2.4 million viewers for its first episode alone. It is currently airing on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET but with an upcoming midseason.