New reports about the new Apple iPad Pro have emerged. The next generation of the Apple iPad Pro will be redesigned to enable MagSafe charging, according to several sources.

Although that is the case, the design appears to contradict what has been said previously, which is that the iPad will have an all-glass back like previous iPhone models. The new iPad Pro's MagSafe charger would be housed in an enlarged glass Apple logo atop the metal back of the tablet.

According to reports, it is believed that this wireless charging system was created in order to reduce overheating caused by long periods of usage with other devices.

Though this is not the first time that wireless charging systems have been used by tech companies, Apple’s MagSafe system is unique in its application. Most of these devices use coils to generate an electromagnetic field, which can be converted into electrical energy. This new method would allow the iPad Pro to charge without any direct contact between a charger and the tablet itself.

The new design is expected to be compatible with other wireless charging systems, like those found in Qi chargers, which allows the iPad Pro to charge while stationary on a table or desk. Reports also state that this new model will see upgrades in other parts of the tablet, including its processor and graphics chip. It is currently unclear which processors are being used, but it is expected to have at least a 10-nanometer design.

It is also said that the new iPad Pro will be unveiled later this year in October at the annual Apple event. Apple has not confirmed or denied these reports; however, several sources believe that these rumors could be true since they are similar to others that have previously surfaced.