According to Netgear, the new Meural Canvas II digital art frame will support Metamask wallet connection.

People who own NFTs and other digital assets can connect their wallet to the device, which will allow them to display their prized tokens at home. The Meural Canvas II supports MicroSD memory cards while also connecting directly to the Meural app or website.

Available in three sizes, the new digital canvas will be offered for sale at $299.95 USD for a 15.6-inch display, $399.95 USD for 21-inch size, and finally priced to sell at $599.99 USD for 27-inches.

NFTs are the same as ERC-721 tokens on Ethereum. NFTs are non-fungible digital assets that can be verified by QR codes. There is a limited number of digital artworks available for now but more are expected to be compatible with NFTs soon.

Netgear's new device works with the Meural app and website to connect artworks directly to Metamask wallet addresses while also allowing users to upload via MicroSD or simply use the frame as a picture frame.

The digital art frame has high resolution IPS LED display with either HD or HDR compatibility allowing for even greater control over the viewing experience, according to the company's press release.

These new features will allow users to upload their own images and connect them directly to their wallet address via QR code, MicroSD, or website.

"People are more passionate about their digital art than TV or music. They look for ways to show it off, display it, and talk about it with others," said David Henry, senior vice president of Connected Home at Netgear. "Our new canvas is a natural evolution in our digital art product line."

The Meural Canvas II also has a built in speaker system meant to provide an immersive audio experience while users enjoy their NFTs.The new digital art display will be available for purchase at the company's website in coming weeks.