Known for his remarkable product designs, Naoto Fukasawa continues to mesmerize his audience with another ingenious creation. Being the curator of the Japan Folk Crafts Museum, a professor in the  Integrated Design Department at Tama Art University, and several titles and awards in the field of Art and Design, he has established the bridging concept of "Super Normal" with Jasper Morrison. It began with a piece of knowledge or somewhat a progressive noticing that particular objects, usually the more discrete type, and mostly, though not inescapably, anonymously created, exceed their equivalents with ease when it comes to long-term everyday use.

Interestingly, Naoto Fukasawa created a simple and subtle folding chair featuring natural wood and its versatile design, an addition to his famous  "Hiroshima" collection. The item is also available in six different colors; plus several variants of the Hiroshima Chair via Maruni