"Myths" screen prints were exhibited at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts in New York in 1981. A total of 49 sets of these unique prints were produced with five images per set for a total of 245 pieces. The series was published by Gallerist Ron Feldman who had colours to the canvas and allowing them to overlap one another before printing.

"Myths" is a screenprint collection, published by Gallerist Ronald Feldman in 1981. It consists of ten screenprints of popular figures from films and television series including Dracula, Howdy Doody, Mammy, Mickey Mouse, Santa Claus, Superman, The Shadow, The Star and The Witch.

Andy Warhol was an American painter and a leading figure in the culture of pop art. He is best known for his printmaking, which includes many of his most famous works like "Marilyn Diptych", "Campbell's Soup Cans" and "Gold Marilyn Monroe".

He is one of the first artists to use popular culture and in doing so, created an original style that was described as "Warholian".

He is well known for his many commercial works but also for his portraits. He created over 1,000 paintings during his lifetime. Andy Warhol's work has been exhibited across the world including New York, Paris, London and Pittsburgh.

Warhol's work was the subject of several retrospective exhibitions in America and Europe. These include "Warhol: A Retrospective" at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art (1997) and "Warhol: Au temps/aux époques de l'art" exhibit held in 2011-2012 at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. His major work, "Marilyn Diptych" is included on The Andy Warhol Museum's permanent collection and was donated by its creator to the museum.

The price when it was auctioned: $450,000-$650,000 USD (Christie's New York)

The series "Myths" by Andy Warhol is one of the artist's most sought-after portfolios. The images epitomize the artist's abilities to identify and distil American popular culture, resulting in iconic images.

Warhol designed each image from hand sketches based on existing film stills or photographs. He produced his earliest silkscreen paintings and prints during this time, applying strong colours to the canvas and allowing them to overlap one another before printing.

The screen prints included in the "Myths" portfolio depict popular film-related characters such as Dracula, Howdy Doody, Mammy, Mickey Mouse, Santa Claus, Superman and The Star. Each of the ten pieces are signed by Warhol in pencil and hand-numbered in red pencil to the lower right corner of each piece. The portfolio comes with a signed & numbered statement by Andy Warhol to the reverse of the title page.

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