MSCHF has secured the luxury goods you crave for a fraction of the retail price. The Brooklyn art collective responsible for projects such as Lil Nas X's infamous "Old Town Road" cover, and works by celebrity favorite MF Doom, Sade and others is now accepting applications from those who wish to make their Instagram feeds look a little more impressive.

"In today's materialistic society, it seems like you have to spend a lot of money to look good," said MSCHF founder Maximilian Ruppert in an interview with The New York Times. "We figured we'd take the opposite approach and offer luxury items for next to nothing so our clients can show off what they can't afford."

In addition, MSCHF is now reportedly accepting applications from those who would like a quality piece of art to decorate their living spaces without having to pay thousands.

"A lot of people want a Warhol or Basquiat on the wall in their apartment but just have no idea how much that actually costs," said Ruppert. "We're here to help."

If you think a discount is on the small side, MSCHF even offers a wholesale option for those who must have the absolute best at any cost.

"Our prices are so low on these luxury goods that we can offer our most exclusive clientele discounts of up to 90 percent," said Ruppert.

"We've even managed to buy up [Burberry CEO] Marco [Pucci]'s time for pennies on the dollar," he continued. "At this point, you might as well get a tattoo of his face and call it a day."For more information on MSCHF's various services, visit their website.