It all started with the famous peace activist who used to help wounded soldiers during the American Civil War. Ann Jarvis dedicated a day to celebrate Mother's Day to honor their hard work for the family and society. It was then celebrated in the United States in 1905 after gaining support from the community. It began after her mother's death that same year. It has been a global celebration to salute, express respect, honor, and love towards mothers throughout the years. Acknowledging their extraordinary contributions and role in society and the efforts of maternal bonds. It is a day that makes people remember mothers' value and weight in their lives and is recognized as a day to highlight the motherly figures around the world. We've compiled the Top 10 gift guides for the dearest Moms all around the world! It is definitely something available online, too, just a click away, all set to send gifts near or far.

Medusa Robe - Bathrobe is one of the most suitable gifts for many occasions that can be matched with all sorts of spa accessories. Interestingly, it has a simple size selection tho many bathrobes come in a one-size-fits-all option. A smooth and lush bathrobe is just perfect! Bundle up in the cosiness of this Medusa bathrobe. 

Coco Lipstick Box - Get her lippies organized! She'd surely want things to be in order, then give her something fashionable to classify her glammed lipsticks into. There's nothing more frustrating than fumbling around a makeup bag searching for that one lipstick. Here's a classy piece to fit a bunch and neatly display your favorite lippies on. 

LV Hat Bag Glower Vase - A touch of luxury into your homes, this standout piece takes the shape of the classic Louis Vuitton hat bag. Technically when you're planning to give her a bouquet, make sure to complete the package with a remarkable flower vase too!

Cash Coffee Table - Something to break the ice, bring in a dope pile-of-cash-inspired coffee table in your house and dedicate it to your Mom. 

Custom LV Tumbler - A classy piece from Louis Vuitton, The chromed-out cup and straw come in a black and gold variant and feature the legendary monogram design. For Moms who supports sustainability, this is an ideal gift!

Terrarium Candle - For the love of scents and scented rooms. Candles will always be a classic item for a Mother's day gift package. Interestingly, Scented candles make excellent gifts for all occasions due to its aromatherapy properties. It can create an atmosphere that will incite the senses and further a positive mood all through the day.

X Closed Wide Hinged Bangle by Tiffany & Co.  - A brand that never ceases to amaze a recipient featuring a 725 pavé-set diamonds intricately designed closed hinged bangle. Classics from Tiffany & Co. just makes every woman feel so special. Best one for its sentimental value. Let's take it from the famous statement, "a jewellery piece's true value lies in its sentimental worth". Technically, it was made to be worn and treasured for years to come. It forever represents the particular moment or occasion behind it.

Red Prayer Plant - The simplicity, steady growth, and relatively low maintenance of this plant make it a perfect gift for Mommies. Interestingly, Plants symbolize emotions, ideas and actions. Each plant has its own meaning, and investing in one creates a positive environment too. 

Bolide 1923 - 45 Chimeres Dragon Bag by Hermes - Who wouldn't love a Hermes bag? This particular design was inspired by the unexpected menagerie for a striking effect. They call it the Chimera Effect. Featuring fantastical creatures from Greek myths and antique ceramics feature on the Bolide 1923-45. Check out this Bolide bag and its intricate embroidery direct on its leather. 

The Cullinan Endura Roses - What better way than to dazzle your Mom with the most extravagant bouquet- A classic piece named after a diamond: The Cullinan. It brings its own message of everlasting love featuring a perfectly preserved rose immersed intricately in 24-carat gold to last a lifetime.