It was in Arp 's world, a Parisian art gallery, that Gufram unveiled this strange construction: an almost animal-like cactus shape. The structure is made of clear Plexiglas and its appearance could be described as organic. Its many arms and branches are lined with small white LEDs installed in an optical fiber circuit. La Machine, as the sculpture is called, has an internal structure that radiates a brilliant light.

The cactus comes alive at night in the exhibition gallery. After dark, its arms and branches glow like heaven's stars, revealing the tips of LEDs. The structure is visible from all sides and reveals its secrets only when it serves as a lighting element—in Arp 's world, a Parisian art gallery.

When lit up, the cactus seems to come alive in a not-so distant part of the Milky Way. This vision has a touch of humor about it as well, because this extraterrestrial creature is lying on its side, seemingly dead. Yet life never ends.

Gufram has designed a number of sculptural objects that together form the "Naturaform" collection. The label Naturaform was coined to describe the way these pieces evoke both nature and science. They stand in the same relationship to nature that a microchip stands in relation to electronics. In this case, the object is entirely created by hand and without any use of digital technology. The LED circuit boards are joined into strands supplied with electricity from a single power supply box—a "motherboard" where Gufram engineers have installed all the elements needed to make the work glow.

Gufram (registered trademark) was established in 1967 and has been designing for its own production ever since. In addition, Gufram also manufactures lighting fittings on commission, regularly completing projects for international designers who are highly regarded in their industry. This tradition of manufacture all stems from a strong corporate culture rooted in the values of the founders—the Gufram family.

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