A man laughs as he looks at a work by British street artist Banksy in the French city of Calais on October 23, 2013. The artwork appeared on a wall in the so-called "Jungle" migrant camp and shows a masked face with tears of laughter coming out of its eyes.

One of Banksy's earliest pieces, Laugh Now, was acquired by Brighton's Ocean Rooms nightclub on Morley Street. It was six meters long and was spray-painted into a mural, with the figure of a monkey sprayed 10 times in succession to serve as the bar's backdrop. Banksy’s Laugh Now piece was up for sale on eBay earlier this year, but failed to reach its reserve price and was withdrawn from sale.

Sotheby's said that it had asked Banksy if he would consider selling the work and that he had agreed. The work is being sold by a private collector, who acquired it in 2004. Banksy has become a brand name for street art, including graffiti which appears on buildings across the globe. He's also known for his political activism. In the past, he even hosted an episode of British TV show, "Totally Frank", about his own work and produced by Channel 4.

In 2005, Banksy was voted the Best British Artist in the Observer Music Awards, even though he is not British. Banksy's works are usually satirical pieces of art on topics such as politics and society. He uses a distinctive stenciling technique to create his pieces, starting with an idea and then simply painting a picture of it on the side of a building. His works have been seen as being anti-c

His work appears all over the globe and has become valuable. A Banksy piece was sold at auction in London for £1,042,000 last year and his works have been known to sell upward of £500,000.

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