Having Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian as your parents will give you great perks in life--that entails a $100k worth of playhouse. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star exhibits Reign, Penelope, and Mason's playhouse designed by Scott Disick in  Architectural Digest's video interview. 

Kourtney wanted the playhouse to compliment her mansion, not to overcomplicate the existing elements. During the design process, she also asked opinions from her children to add on the details of the playhouse. 

Located in the backyard of the Kardashian's residence in California, the playhouse is more modern and fresh, using ipe wood that matches the main house's pergolas. "Everything that I looked at was a more modern, simple, sophisticated design," says Kardashian. "I think this is modern, but I think it's still cozy."

With expansive windows and walls, Kourtney displayed Timmy Sneaks' wall art in which Disick commissioned for and Penelope's masterpiece. The toys and vintage essence of the Kardashians filled the white space with warmth, making the place cozier. Several items that made the home warmer were the plush creatures from brands Blabla Kids and JellyCat, Kourtney's childhood rocking horse, Vintage stools and children's books, and the Coach Collection Minnie Mouse dolls that her assistant gifted.

"The kids wanted a TV, and we were like, 'No.' There are books in there, and it's cute for playing games. The biggest thing is to use your imagination and have time to relax. It's a place to lounge and read books and play." But how are the white-washed interiors so pristine? Kardashian intimates: "I get rugs cleaned an insanely abnormal amount of times." According to Kourtney's interview with AD. The playhouse is a no-technology zone, making it more intimate and peaceful for the kids and whoever needs a break from their worlds, as Kourtney mentioned that she might visit that place some time to breathe and relax. 

The playhouse augments the well-known family's style, classy and versed—and inspired with passion. "I like stuff with a story, Pretty much everything in my house has somewhat of a story and meaning." All these incorporate her collection, featuring Chris Burden, Mary Corse, Damien Hirst, Thomas Houseago, Herb Ritts, and Richard Serra.