If you're looking to add some interest, pattern and texture to your living room or family room decor, look no further than throw pillows. Throw pillows are a quick way to change the look of any space by adding just the right amount of style. Find inspiration in bold and bright patterns like tribal prints, fun stripes or even graphite and olive-tone patterns. For spaces that are a little more minimalist, linear designs like smaller stripes or graphic dots can work well too.

Although they have been used in the furniture industry for years as an upholstering material, you don't have to limit throw pillows to just your couches and chairs. Instead, use them on your bed to add texture as well as a pop of color. This is especially true if your headboard or the walls in your bedroom are a solid color. Or, use different colored throw pillows to inject some personality into a room that's on the boring side. For instance, try using black pillows with white curtains and modern art for an unconventional effect.

Add just a touch of contrast with modern throw pillows by choosing patterns and designs that don't blend in with your existing color scheme. For instance, if you want to add some boldness to a room that's dominated by soft pinks, use throw pillows with geometric prints in maroon or navy. These colors will stand out, but won't overwhelm the space.

Pillows can be a great way to inject some fun into your space and really make it feel like you. And with so many designs available, there is no reason not to add an eclectic pillow or two to your space. After all, they are cheap and easy ways to express yourself.

Know your room: What colors work best in the space you're decorating? Don't just go with throw pillows that you like—they have to fit in with the rest of your decor too. 

Create a good mix: If you have all solid colored throw pillows, add some variety by mixing and matching different sized and colored pillows. Or, try using different materials such as a velvet pillow in the same color for a more formal look or a cotton cushion for something softer and more casual. 

Make your bed: Nothing says style like an impeccably made bed, so make sure you have all of your throw pillows centered and matched up nicely. Bonus points if the pillows are in coordinating colors. 

Make your room comfy: If you're going to be lounging around on your sofa, bed or favorite chair, make sure you have something soft and luscious like a velvet pillow to lay your head on. This will keep you comfortable without making it look like someone tossed just any pillow in the area.