Minimalism is what you need for a zen environment – simple and elegant. Here are some bedroom decorating ideas that will make your bedroom into an oasis of tranquility:

What does minimalism mean? It's basically the denial of all non-essentials. Strip down your bedroom to its barest essentials: one or two walls should have painted white, and no other color – it is a calming effect that helps promote sleep. Decorate with natural things like vines and plants growing on the wall or along the floor. The bed should be the focal point of the room, and arranged in an area where there is a lot of light entering. The bed should have clean white covers that are simple and made of natural material. Like cotton sheets covered by a light blanket to keep you warm during sleep, but not too hot.

Luxury wall sleepers - this is perfect for a minimalist room, as it cuts down on space and provides you with all the comfort of your bed. It's best to get an extra long walk-in closet to house these stylish pieces too!

Organization in any room is important, but especially so in the bedroom – make sure you have shelving made into the wall where you can store things like books, your dvd collection or even decorative items. Shelving units are not only convenient, but add to the aesthetic of a room. Be sure and get lots of light sources in the bedroom so it feels warm during cold season and cool during summer. If you have space for more than one bed (if you're going to share with a partner, for example), make sure that they are at least three feet apart. This is optimal for both sleeping arrangements and privacy in the room.

This bedroom decorating idea is simple but functional – get a wooden rod like you'd find on a curtain and hang up cotton curtains on it. This makes use of all available wall space and is soft to the touch.

Look for stylish tapestries and hang them on your wall – they should coordinate with bedroom decorating ideas and should be eye-catching without being too bright or distracting when you're trying to sleep.

Floor rugs are a must in any room, providing warmth and color. These add texture to your room and make it more homey.

For bedroom furniture, choose things that are made out of solid wood or metal – these types of things have a tendency to last longer without breaking down compared to plastic or other synthetic materials. Stay away from glass items too if you can – bedrooms should be decorated in a way where nothing in the room is delicate.