Issey Miyake is a renowned style designer recognized for his technology-driven clothes styles, exhibits and fragrances, such as L'eau d'Issey, which became his many well-known masterpieces.

Produced by the Miyake Design Studio, the brand is famously called "IM MEN," including functional and minimalistic garments developed to create suitable everyday attires effective and essential. IM MEN's Issey Miyake imprint uses excess recycled materials and vivid pattern making that reduces waste and makes the most of it to create an alluring and explicit multi-purpose product.

Remarkably, IM MEN's "FLAT" collection highlights a coach-like oversized shirt and conical trousers that are made from an environmentally friendly plant-based polyester that keeps its solid shades and forms incredibly well. So well, as a matter of fact, that these items can be folded up totally level to use up as bit area as possible, without ever wrinkling. Suitably for the launching SS 2021 schedule, these products are likewise highly lightweight. Somewhere else, the overcoat changes into a knapsack and pyjama-like "AIR" collections double down on breathability.