Medicom Toy has teamup with Japanese food chain Fujiya Co. and THE CONVENI by Hiroshi Fujiwara for a selection of Peko-chan collectibles, after the introduction of its Breaking Bad BE@RBRICKS. A selection of 100 percent and 400 percent BE@RBRICK sets, as well as two incarnations of the toy brand’s soft vinyl figures, are included in the line, which featured the confectionery company’s theme of a sweet tooth mascot.

Unlike other collaborations they have had, THE CONVENI BE@RBRICK appeared to be made only available in 400 percent size (28 cm tall) with two colors options of black and gold. The fragment logo is on the front of the bear, and “THE CONVENI” lettering on its back.

The BE@RBRICK sets came in two distinct variants, each with its own color combination. The first of the variants is a more conventional use of Peko-chan’s theme, with both a colorful and a black-and-white rendition. The next set had the brand’s floral designs, which have been seen on a variety of the company’s other items. It was also made available in a brighter form with a white foundation with accents of blue and pink that characterize the company itself, with another plain version in black and white.