From Jackson Pollock to Vincent Van Gogh, there's plenty of artist collaborations with Medicom Toy's famed BE@RBRICK. The BE@RBRICK collaboration pays tribute to renowned American artists Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, one of the firm's most recent products. The third BE@RBRICK project, produced in collaboration with the two artists, is the newest.

The new collaboration, like the previous ones with BE@RBRICK artists, features both the 400% and 100%, as well as some variations. The toy features Basquiat's characteristic neo-expressionism and Warhol's contemporary art styles, as well as his distinctive style of drawing. From basic shapes to block letter words, the palette includes a variety of hues including crimson, burgundy, cerulean blue, black and white. The final touch is Warhol's signature and Basquiat's name printed on the toy's back in black and white, with his crown. The toy uses a golden yellow base color.

The real highlight of the third collaboration--aside from Warhol's signature and number 58, which pays homage to Basquiat's birth year--is the figure's head, which is shaped like a crown. With such an iconic tribute to both artists adorning the toy, it'll be no surprise when it's in high demand.

The new collaboration with Warhol and Basquiat is another in a long line of impressive collaborations from Medicom Toy. The two artists were first brought together on a BE@RBRICK in 2015, and then again the following year. With such impressive collaborations under its belt, such as those with Takashi Murakami and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, it's clear that Medicom Toy is poised to do some more impressive work.

The new collaboration is another reminder of the impact that both Warhol and Basquiat have had on the world, not only through their artwork but through collaborations with Medicom Toy. From Jackson Pollock to Vincent Van Gogh, there’s no shortage of artist collaborations when it comes to Medicom Toy’s famed BE@RBRICK.