For his new crypto commercial, Damon is getting mocked. Yesterday, the actor appeared in a commercial that aired on small screens during Sunday's NFL games and was screened in movie theaters as a trailer previously. While it's not uncommon to see a star earning big money to promote the newest hot product, Damon's ad was so over-the-top cringe that the internet couldn't help but roast it.

With corny lines like "fortune favors the brave" set against historic events such as the Wright Brothers' first flight, it's easy to imagine that the creators tried to appeal to both modern and classic audiences. The ad is an overly dramatic attempt to demonstrate the transformative power of crypto.

"I don't know how much it was for, but they said I could buy two pints of blood with it," Damon quipped during one particularly cringeworthy moment in the video. "I said, 'I don't want to buy two pints of blood. Can I buy one pint of blood? Can I buy half a pint of blood?'

Over on Twitter, folks are joining in on the fun by adding their own personal touches to the cheesy commercial.

"Today in Matt Damon ads," wrote one person. "I'm a hero because I switched my bank," added another Twitter user, attaching a photo from Saving Private Ryan of soldiers raising an American flag over Normandy Beach during World War II.

@BitcoinHomer chimed in to reference another classic movie with a timely joke.

"Matt Damon will now sell you your freedom in the form of 100 ounces of pure silver," they wrote. "In 1998, that was worth $300."

@daniloelpat said it best: "I'm pretty sure Matt Damon just became the first ever actor to do an ICO."Let's hope the next celebrity who gets paid to shill for an ICO has a little more class.