A frontier in the scene of plastic and fibreglass furniture with an inclination to creativity and playfulness, Eero Aarnio is the artistic vision behind some of the world's most recognizable designs for brands like Magis, Asko and Adelta.

Born in Helsinki in 1932, he currently lives in Veikkola with his wife, Pirkko Attila. He was popularly known for his 'Ball Chair' and it was even featured in several magazines and covers. It was imagined as 'a room within a room'. And its outsets are just as idealistic as science fiction. 

Aarnio reiterated the very beginning of the inspiration in creating the infamous 'Ball Chair' sharing that It all started back then when they were living in an apartment building in Helsinki... "and my mother put me out on the balcony in a round wicker basket to take a nap,' he explains. 'I looked up and saw the round, blue sky framed by the basket. That's when I decided when I grew up I would design the Ball Chair.' Interestingly, Aarnio sketched the first version of the chair in 1963 which the prototype was kept for himself. Within three years, it finally debuted at the International Furniture Fair in Cologne, featuring its fibreglass material that announced a new season for furniture designing. Also, Aarnio's '67 'Pastil' and '68 Bubble chairs both derived from the 'Ball Chair'. For the Pastil, he was motivated to produce a translucent version allowing extra light inside. For the Bubble chair, he intended to resolve the dissipated space within the 'Ball Chair'.

‘I think that the chair plays a major role in furniture design and it is the most difficult and challenging piece of furniture to design.’ - Aaraio

Today, his works are exhibited in museums worldwide, namely MoMA, New York, Bauhaus Museum, Sydney, Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein and several more. His optimistic designs have amassed him abundant awards.