The official trailer for Marvel Studios' upcoming Disney+ series Moon Knight has now dropped, following the release of several teaser clips.

In Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac plays an anti-hero named Marc Spector, a former Marine and CIA operative who has been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder and manifests into several distinct alternate personalities. He becomes a vehicle for the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, driving him deeper into madness as he tries to come to terms with reality. The protagonist of the series is a cult leader named Ethan Hawke, who acts as the main adversary.

In the newly released trailer, Marc Spector is seen talking with his therapist about how it feels like he’s in a dream. As a result, a new personality known as Steven Grant has taken over and is demanding Spector to stop going after the wrong people. While Marc tries to have his therapist help him , his other personalities manifest and take over, deciding to let Steven take control instead.

Marc is seen handling a weapon as someone asks if he’s ever considered what the right thing is. When Marc turns around, it’s revealed that it's Khonshu himself who's talking to him like a disembodied voice in his head. The Egyptian god then tells Marc that there's no line between right and wrong, telling him to do what needs to be done instead.

Marc is seen in an alleyway with a woman who’s dressed in white against the backdrop of Chicago by night. When she turns around, it becomes apparent that Marc Spector has arrived at his destination, which is where the biggest fight of his life will soon take place.

Ethan Hawke can then be seen in an ominous light with a group of people following him as they all stare at the screen ahead of them.The new trailer highlights some of Marc Spector’s inner struggles against his multiple personalities, while also showing how he’s being manipulated by Khonshu.