Sean Kelly Gallery featured 10 ethereal large-scale aluminium and stainless steelworks of Mariko Mori and her endless universe of new physics theory, called "ekpyrotic" or "cyclic" cosmology. A theory proposing that the cosmos were filled with recurring cycles of evolution, such as parallel universes and developing new galaxies and planets. Fascinated in the concept of a Mobius strip, Mariko Mori created sculptures playing upon the idea of an infinite loop as a visualization of our universe's never-ending renewal of invisible energy. 

Eight computer-generated images-paintings were exhibited and inspired by Mori's drawings back in Okinawa Island and nature's invisible energy. Her works radiate phenomenal light and electricity, as seen in most of her exhibits. Cycliscape particularly highlights the interconnectedness of all things and disbelief between art and technology. 

"Looking up to the skies and imagining another,microscopic cosmos, the artist's jagged circles, dots, and dashes become particles and atoms darting across the image. With such diverse pieces, Cyclicscape makes visible Mori's ongoing study of our universe – from the minutiae to the infinite, how it mirrors and reflects upon itself."

Aesthetica on Mariko Mori

Mori continues to mesmerize the crowd with her hybridized future self. Moving forward with her exhibits on technology, spirituality, and transcendence, every element she creates depicts a significance to the existence of life and several representations. If you want to know more about the life and works of other remarkable contemporary artists, you can check out Japan's Contemporary Art Masters