Whether you're a freelance writer or a small business owner, it doesn't matter. Your home office should be as stylish and comfortable as possible - the place where you spend most of your time working, after all! And with these ten tips that will help you do just that, its likely to become the favorite room in your house.

That's because, instead of working in a ho-hum room with nothing but a desk and a computer, you'll have an office that reflects your personal style without breaking the bank.

Will it be traditional or whimsical? Modern or bohemian? A bit of all three! More importantly these ideas will help create an atmosphere where you feel calm, inspired and happy to be working.

1. The first step is choosing the right supplies for your work space. Think about what kind of style you want to create - will it be traditional or whimsical? Modern or bohemian? A bit of all three! And then use these items as inspiration to decorate everything else in your office.

2. A rug can make a big difference in your work space - and we're not just talking about how nice it will look under the desk! It can also have a calming effect in an otherwise formal or industrial-style room, as well as adding colorful warmth to a woodsy space. Plus, rugs are so affordable and easy to find that there's really no reason not to have one!

3. Next up is art. Larger pieces can make a huge impact on a blank white wall, so keep an eye out for sales or look for affordable originals at local galleries and flea markets. If you prefer something more subtle or would like to add color to your wall while keeping costs down, try smaller prints or even a few quirky pieces of art!

4. It's amazing how much difference new curtains can make in the look and feel of an office room. You don't need to buy anything overly expensive, either - you can get some great deals at craft stores and discount shops. Just be sure to choose something that fits with your overall style!