With its 200+ collection, the luxurious French fashion house Maison Margiela will set up an online auction "Hors Normes II"  of their classic collector's archive of nearly 20 years from 1989 to 2009 ready-to-wear, and couture garments, accessories and head-to-toe runway look. 

"Margiela's radical approach explores the construction of garments by deconstructing them. He reveals what is usually hidden, placing linings, seams and hems on the outside. He pushes size to its extremes, from oversized pieces to the doll's clothing adapted to human size. He prints trompe-l'oeil dresses, knitwear and coats. He even paints his pieces and introduces festive hints with crystals and sparkles."


Featuring Martin Margiela's famous coat and dresses from Fall/Winter 1998, 1999, and 2004 collection (1998-plastic coated dress, 1999-duvet coat, 2004-full length dress with fur necklace). Sotheby's will unveil Maison Margiela's collection through an online auction by March 3 that'll last until March 9 2021.