Louis Vuitton, a brand who is already recognized for its representation of luxury, has expanded its “Art of Living” lifestyle items with a new emphasis on athletic merchandise.

The Tennis Racket Cover, which includes a set of three white tennis balls imprinted with the trademark LV insignia in red, is the most recent addition to the premium athletic equipment and accessories collection. The sleek Monogram canvas cover with authentic cowhide embellishments continues the sporting white and red contrast. The protective case has gold hardware and an adjustable start for easy carrying. The antique cover’s interior is lined and perfectly fit to hold a tennis racket. It is in decent shape, with some wear on the leather trim and interior. Given its recency, it is very well in excellent condition. Any purchaser’s initials or chosen letter to represent ownership can also be heat-stamped on the item, which can also be removed by Louis Vuitton or any reputable leather repair shop. The expectedly high-priced racket cover and tennis balls assure that you will play tennis in flair, whether you are a novice or a pro.

The Monogram marked flexible nonslip Yoga Mat, which is decorated with the luxury fashion brand’s distinctive designs, is another highlight that includes another set of authentic cowhide and monogram canvas strap holder with gold hardware, as well as a name tag and card holder. It has a monogram baggage tag, featured in the color greige, and is 180 x 66 cm in dimension.

Lastly, there is the Thermos Holder, which can help you stay hydrated before, during, and after any workout. This holder can also be a perfect fit to any owners of the LV thermo flask. A matched Monogram canvas carrying bag with silver embellishments and a name tag protects the steel Monogram pattern embossed bottle, which surely keeps beverages warm or chilled.