Virgil Abloh and NIGO-pioneering Japanese designer launched their first collaboration last December 2019 with Louis Vuitton, which surpassed the streetwear world's expectations. By March 2020, another collaborative pre-Fall 2020 took place, which was entitled: "LV²", Paying honour to the French fashion house's specialty for travel.

"The collection alighted as a cross-pollinating observation of the London mod-era dandy through a Tokyo lens" --according to

Nigo's craft is greatly influenced by London's subcultural history and some of the most recent works he has been running on, referencing it with a flight jacket "LV made" and Billionaire Boys Club. All collections are now available in stores featuring a full range of ready to wear items. 

"Me being at Louis Vuitton is directly attributable to work Nigo's done in the past, A collaboration project with Nigo—it puts his work in the right context." -Abloh

Nigo has been one of Abloh's primary fashion inspirations, making his influence more evident in his collections while building Maison's timeless monogram for the coming years. Check out the LV² collection at its SoHo store located at 122 Greene St, New York City.