The  campaign we are talking about is the collaboration between Louis Vuitton and French artist JR that features a breathtaking skateboard deck decorated with nothing but watercolor by JR. Looking at it, you would be so attracted to its beauty without even knowing what brand this masterpiece belongs to.

The series was unveiled on Thursday night in Paris during an exclusive dinner hosted by Louis Vuitton. We are not sure exactly what's the theme of this collection but we bet this will be going to be a hot item for those art lovers out there during Christmas time or even after that since it's so unique and rare. The skateboard deck comes in 3 sizes, 15″x29″, 22×32″ and 29×36″ so different people can enjoy it in their own way.

And if you are thinking of getting your own Skateboard just like the ones in the pictures, let me tell you that all decks were created for this project and was exhibited during LOUIS VUITTON's exhibition at Palais de Tokyo.

Louis Vuitton invites the New York City public to take part in an innovative urban installation, which will transform the façade at 14 East Houston Street into an art canvas. The first of its kind initiative will bring together artists, street skateboarders and the brands fans for a month long celebration of creativity in New York City.

To mark the opening of this innovative project, Louis Vuitton has collaborated with renowned French artist JR to create a spectacular façade artwork using his signature "P Paste-Up" technique. Celebrities, including Spike Lee, and a skate team were also called upon to add their own "touch" to this unique project. As part of the initiative, Louis Vuitton has transformed the store's façade into an art canvas by covering it with white fabric and allowing artists from around the world to express themselves using a variety of mediums. Street artists and skaters were invited to come to the store at 14 East Houston street in Manhattan, New York City and add their personal touches to this blank canvas in whatever way they chose. The result was an eclectic series of pieces, ranging from graffiti scrawls and drawings to photographs and paintings which provide a snapshot of a month in the life of New York City.