A room with many hats, serving its many functions such as a family room, TV room, playroom, and sitting room, it is one of the most-frequented spots at home. Whatever use it may serve, creating an inviting and tranquil space is the key to making the most of your living room. So, we've identified few things you need to know about rearranging and decorating your living room, starting from the focal point to its area rug. 


(Left : Sven Charme Choclat Sofa. see more)(Right : Monroe Mid-Century Sofa. see more)

Most Interior Designers would advise selecting a couch first since you'll be using it the most and it's the piece that will have a considerable impact on your space. But it is also essential to find a piece that will stand the test of time; you should take your time with the purchase and make sure to think it through several times. Your lifestyle is a significant factor in choosing the perfect set for you, as it will determine how much use the piece will receive and the quality of fabric that is suitable for you. 


Your coffee table usually draws attention because of its shape, as it contrasts with the massive couch. It is an iconic accent with its functional necessities, as every seat needs a place to put their beer bottles, cocktail glass, or coffee cups. 

Noguchi Table by Isamu Noguchi. see more


KAWS x Snoopy Area Rug Hypebeast Decor, Hypebeast Carpet. see more

To make it more inviting, texture comes in with the accessories you'll be blending. One of the most common ways to incorporate texture is through curtains, colorful pillows--make sure to keep a consistent pattern size if you're planning to invest in lots of 'em, throw blankets, felt coasters, area rugs, and many other accessories. You may toss faux fur on chairs or couch to add some depth to them; you can also layer your rugs or swap in chunky blankets. It's essential to think about where to set these once your furniture is in place. Most of all, don't be afraid to go bold with textures and tones to get the perfect look!

Emily Bode's patchwork pillows. see more
Swedish furniture giant IKEA and Danish design imprint HAY have joined forces for a powerhouse Scandinavian homeware collection titled YPPERLIG (Swedish for “good, excellent”).


Accessories are more than just trinkets or clutter. They are an opportunity to tell a story about the homeowner's personality and life. By weaving these pieces into the overall design, space will genuinely feel like your home. You can experiment with exciting materials, add books to an existing shelf or side table, orient them vertically and horizontally, or even as risers underneath exciting objects. Layer your throw pillows, beef up your window treatments, add an accent wall on the side of your living room, or put your favorite wall art. These artistic features in your living room are highly personal and can conjure happy memories and emotional experiences. When adding personality to your living rooms, do not forget the little things; these small and silly pieces of your home are the ones that narrates your life. If you enjoy a cup of coffee each morning, display your personalized mugs with silly-shaped mugs or coffee-shop staples.

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